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Summary (English)

  • Between the 3rd and 17th of May 2002, a geophysical and topographical survey covering approximately 2 hectares was undertaken in the area around the archaeological excavations at Baccanas (Campagnano di Roma, Lazio, Italy), by a team from the British School at Rome and Cambridge University. The survey formed part of the continuing work of the AHRB funded Roman Towns in the Middle and Lower Tiber Valley project, directed by Simon Keay (University of Southampton) and Martin Millett (Cambridge University).

    The survey benefited from the use of an integrated survey strategy since the topographical data greatly assisted in the interpretation of the magnetometry results. These were not as clear as might have been hoped due to the difficulties presented by the surface spread of material, and the depth of the archaeology around the limits of the survey area. However, the survey was deemed to be successful since it both increased knowledge of the site beyond the excavated area, and elucidated possibilities for the further extent of the settlement.

    The survey results suggested that the surrounding areas to the west of the archaeological zone might yield further evidence of the settlement. However, the depth of soil over the archaeological remains make it unlikely that very clear or easily interpretable results would be produced by extending the magnetometry survey area. Equally, to the east the continuation of the possible forum is hidden by the remainder of the previous modern Via Cassia and therefore geophysical survey in this area would also prove unsuccessful.

  • Paul S. Johnson - University of Southampton 


  • Martin Millett - University of Cambridge
  • Simon Keay - University of Southampton


  • Helen Woodhouse - University of Southampton
  • Paul S. Johnson - University of Southampton

Research Body

  • The British School at Rome
  • University of Cambridge
  • University of Southampton

Funding Body

  • Arts and Humanities Research Board


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