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  • Anishte Settlement
  • Granichak
  • Bulgaria
  • Oblast Vidin
  • Obshtina Belogradchik



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Summary (English)

  • EXPLORATIONS OF A ROMAN MANSIO NEAR THE VILLAGE OF GRANICHAK (Dobrin Antonov, Nartsis Torbov – Several buildings around an inner yard were discovered during the previous excavations. The biggest one has an apse and a hypocaust. The mansio existed during the 4th century AD, according to the archaeological material found. The aim of the exploration was to trace out the borders of the architectural complex. Walls of premises and coins minted by Probus and by Constantine the Great and his sons were discovered in a sondage in the northeastern corner of the site. Different materials, including a coin of Valens, were found at the entrance of the apsed room and within the hypocaust. Three rooms adjoined to each other and ending with an apse were discovered close to the river. They were built of roughly cut stones bonded with mortar. The flooring plaster made of broken bricks and mortar is preserved in some places. These rooms were related to the entire architectural complex and most likely were baths. The wall of the apse is 84 cm in width. Room No. 1 is situated to the south of the apse and measures 3.35 m by 3.12 m. Its entrance is from the west and is 1 m in width. The preserved wall is 70 cm in width. Room No. 2 is situated to the south of room No. 1 and measures 3.40 m by 2 m. Its entrance is from the south and is 60 cm in width. The preserved wall is 80 cm in width. The wall of the whole building is preserved up to 90 cm – 1 m in height. A coin minted by Constantius II was found.


  • Dobrin Antonov - Museum of History – Vratsa
  • Nartsis Torbov - Museum of History – Vratsa


Research Body

  • Museum of History – Vratsa

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