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  • Gorsko Novo Selo Church
  • Gorsko Novo Selo
  • Bulgaria
  • Veliko Tarnovo
  • Zlataritsa
  • Gorsko novo selo



  • The Bulgarian Database is the result of a collaboration between:

    the Department of Archaeology, Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski and

    AIAC (Associazione Internazionale di Archeologia Classica).

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Summary (English)

  • ARCHAEOLOGICAL EXPLORATIONS NEAR THE VILLAGE OF GORSKO NOVO SELO (Iordan Aleksiev – A supporting wall was discovered to the west of the church. Drainage facility was explored in the northern part of the pavement of stone slabs, in front of the western entrance. A place for mixing mortar, a pile of stones, roofing tiles, and sherds from pots, pitchers, cups and sgraffito pottery were discovered on the eastern slope of the hill, to the west of the church. A Christian burial of an adult was explored. Fifteen graves were discovered to the north, east and south of the church. The burials belong to the third period of the cemetery (after the church was demolished in 1350 – 1375). In some graves, the head of the deceased was placed over a brick or a roofing tile. The grave goods include copper spherical buttons and a bronze ear-tab. The Christian cemetery had three periods of existence. Three graves in the nave are the earliest ones (before the construction of the church). Two graves in the northern and the southern part of the narthex are synchronous with the church construction. The rest of the graves located around the church date after its destruction. The features of the cemetery around the church, containing burials of men and women at different age and many children, show that after the church was demolished, most likely a settlement cemetery emerged around the debris. The sondage excavations in the eastern part of the nave and the altar were completed. Four-leafs terracotta relief decorations from the façades of the church and bricks were found.

  • Iordan Aleksiev - Veliko Tarnovo Branch of the Archaeological Institute and Museum 


  • Iordan Aleksiev - Veliko Tarnovo Branch of the Archaeological Institute and Museum


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  • Veliko Tarnovo Branch of the Archaeological Institute and Museum

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