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  • S. Maria in Pantano
  • S. Maria in Pantano
  • Vicus (ad) Martis Tudertium
  • Italy
  • Umbria
  • Provincia di Perugia
  • Massa Martana



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    AIAC (Associazione Internazionale di Archeologia Classica).

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Summary (English)

  • Heavy winter rains raised the local water table and prevented further exploration of the lower elevations of the site. Instead the two trenches from previous seasons were joined and work was concentrated on obtaining a better picture of the large structure discovered in previous seasons. It faces on the road we have now identified as the ancient Via Flaminia, and its long EW walls of this building extend for over 20m W from the road. Numerous fragmentary remains of items like marble wall revetment and terracotta tubuli suggest the presence of more elaborate and luxurious structures than we have so far excavated. Finds this season remain consistent with our previous dating of the site, though we are mindful of the relatively small portion of the site that has been excavated.

    Several later burials have now been discovered inside the large building and at least this portion of the site seems to have served as a late-antique cemetery. We suspect a connection with the nearby catacombs of San Faustino, but firm ties have not been established.
    We continue to use the remote sensing techniques of geomagnetic survey and, this year, aerial photography to explore the extent of the ancient settlement. Based on these findings we have increased our estimate of the site’s original extent and now believe that it occupied at least seven hectares, most of which lie under fields currently under agricultural use.



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