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  • S. Maria in Pantano
  • S. Maria in Pantano
  • Vicus (ad) Martis Tudertium
  • Italy
  • Umbria
  • Provincia di Perugia
  • Massa Martana



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Summary (English)

  • In an effort to confirm the findings of previous geomagnetic survey and determine the state of preservation of unexcavated areas of the site, in 2011 several test trenches were opened over one-hundred meters to the north of the church of S. Maria in Pantano and the area of earlier excavation. Given the gradual rise in ground level to the north, we hoped to have less trouble with the water table, which was still at more or less the same high level as last year.

    These trenches confirmed the overall findings of the survey with the discovery of several building walls and small finds consistent with those from previous years. Both the structures and the finds were in more or less the same state of preservation as those earlier finds, even if the water table did lie a bit further below ground level, as hoped. Several of the finds from the deepest strata push the earliest confirmed dates for the site to the very beginning of the first century BC, if not the end of the second century. Although the total area excavated was smaller than in previous years, no burials were discovered, suggesting that the area of the putative late-antique cemetery did not extend this far north.



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