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  • S. Maria in Pantano
  • S. Maria in Pantano
  • Vicus (ad) Martis Tudertium
  • Italy
  • Umbria
  • Provincia di Perugia
  • Massa Martana



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Summary (English)

  • Work this year took place several hundred meters to the north of the church of S. Maria in Pantano, in the area known locally as “Il Mausoleo”, due to the presence of the opus caementicium core of a Roman funeral monument. This monument had been severely damaged sometime in the late 20th century, but excavation work for gravel had uncovered another funeral monument (“a dado” style) in the 1980s, which had been excavated as a rescue project by the superintendency, but never properly published. Work this year therefore had two goals: first, to properly document these two monuments, and second to explore via excavation the surrounding area. Although the immediate vicinity had been heavily disturbed by mechanical excavation in previous decades, ancient strata were found to have been fairly well preserved, though in many places covered by thick layers of naturally deposited gravel. Few material remains were recovered, though we were able to confirm the continuation of the N-S-running road that bisects the settlement area and which we believe to be the course of the ancient Flaminian Way. The possible foundation of a third funeral monument was also uncovered, though the superstructure was entirely despoiled in antiquity.

  • John D. Muccigrosso- Drew University 


  • John D. Muccigrosso- Drew University


  • Sarah Harvey- Kent State University
  • Elena Lorenzetti
  • Stefano Spiganti- Intrageo

Research Body

  • Drew University, Madison, NJ

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