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  • Theatre of Phoinike
  • Finiq
  • Phoinike
  • Albania
  • Qarku i Vlorës
  • Delvinë District



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    • Late Imperial
    • Mid Imperial
    • Early Imperial
    • Republican
    • Hellenistic


    • In 2001 the University of Bologna, in collaboration with the Albanian Institute of Archaeology, began an excavation in the area of the ancient theatre at Foinike to collect data relating to the theatre and to define its typology. The excavations were locat... Read More
    • The excavations this season were aimed at discovering the early phases of the theatre and to reach conclusions concerning its architectonical structure. The excavations were located in the terrace area, the western entrance and in part of the Hellenistic p... Read More
    • The 2003 excavations in the ancient theatre of Foinike were located in three areas: South of the scaena, the area between the western analema and the orchestra, and the western part of the scaena. The terrace system was found to continue westwards and cons... Read More
    • The excavations for this season in the ancient theatre were located in three areas: the terracing walls, the scaena and the orchestra. The excavations in the terraced area clarified its construction, and uncovered the lower part of the western wall which w... Read More
    • This season’s excavations at the ancient theatre of Phoenice were located mostly within the orchestra. A major part of the diasoma and the canal were found to be well preserved. The clearing from the canal of abandonment deposits revealed its form and func... Read More
    • Excavations in 2006 were located in three areas of the theatre: in the orchestra, the summa cavea, and the eastern annalema. Investigations of the orchestra zone led to several significant conclusions regarding its shape and size and it was confirmed that ... Read More
    • The excavation of the year 2008 in the theatre area revealed very interesting data regarding the cavea area. Important data also came from the excavations in the analema and the terracing system. The opening of a channel around the orchestra confirmed that... Read More
    • The investigations of 2009 carried out in the theatre of the ancient city of Phoinike were located in four trenches of different dimension and at two large scale excavations. The opening of trench 14 next to the southern wall of the western parodos of th... Read More
  • 800 BC
  • 200 BC
  • 300 AD