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  • San Pietro di Cantoni
  • Contrada Cantoni di Sepino
  • Italy
  • Molise
  • Provincia di Campobasso
  • Sepino



  • The Italian Database is the result of a collaboration between:

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    AIAC (Associazione Internazionale di Archeologia Classica).

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    • Roman Republican
    • Roman Imperial
    • Late Antique
    • Medieval


    • The Italic sanctuary of San Pietro di Cantoni at Sepino stands at 665 m a.s.l. dominating the wide valley of the Tammaro. The sacred area is enclosed by megalithic polygonal walls forming an irregular triangle with sides a few hundred metres long. The cada... Read More
    • The 2007 campaign excavated and removed the rubble collapse on the podium structure, clearing a substantial area of the presbytery of the imposing remains that obliterated almost the entire surface. A series of interventions for the recovery and consolidat... Read More
    • Continuation of the excavation down hill from the podium removed a large part of the rubble from the surface, but has still not defined the chronological or functional relationship between the paved structures delimited within the sacred area and the perim... Read More
    • Continuation of the excavations on the site of San Pietro di Cantoni at Sepino uncovered the stylobate of the ecclesiastical complex. It appeared deeply sunken in parts under the pressure and weight of the collapsed structures above it. Many parts were mis... Read More
    • La campagna di scavo 2010 nel sito di San Pietro di Cantoni di Sepino è valsa a restituire allo stilobate del complesso ecclesiale, manomesso in parte, sul declinare dell’Estate 2009, da interventi di clandestini, l’integrità dimensionale e icnografica fat... Read More
    • The 2012 campaign set out to investigate the routes within the sanctuary area. The excavations uncovered an even longer stretch of the orthogonal approach pathway, built of opus signinum bordered with stones, laid out along the east side of the rectangular... Read More
    • A number of trenches were opened this season at San Pietro di Cantoni. These were situated at the front of the temple podium, behind the podium itself and along the western edge of the paved road leading south to the temple steps from the north enclosure. ... Read More
    • In the 2014 season excavations took place in the sanctuary area. Trees were removed in order to excavate the continuation of the pathway leading to the so-called rectangular structure at the front of the large podium and to investigate a second structure i... Read More
    • Excavations took place in several trenches in the sanctuary area. At the border between lots 295 and 299, the excavation was extended in order to uncover the continuation of the path leading to the small rectangular structure situated in front of the large... Read More
  • 900 BC
  • 300 BC
  • 700 AD