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    Summary (English)

    • In 2014 the team of Queen’s University resumed the investigation of the former Vigna Marini-Vitalini. Trench 3 was opened near the entrance of the hypogaeum of Clepsina, in part overlapping the area excavated by the University of Perugia in 2001-2003. The beaten ground floor already uncovered in 2001 was excavated and dated to the early 7th c. BCE. Among the abundant finds from the floor makeup stand up fragments of a stone mould for the production of metal rings and a crucible. The floor was connected to the remains of a building with foundations of slightly irregular stone blocks, wattle-and-daub walls and painted wall plaster. Portions of floors of river pebbles and clay dating back to the Late Iron Age were also uncovered. In a later phase, probably in the Late Archaic period, structures with foundations of large stone blocks covered the remains of the Orientalizing building. A large stone drain was built in a subsequent phase. This structure might mark the separation between the hypogaeum and the neighbouring Vigna Parrochiale, which is on a slightly higher ground.

    • Fabio Colivicchi - Queen’s University at Kingston, Ontario, Canada 


    • Fabio Colivicchi - Queen’s University at Kingston, Ontario, Canada


    • Antonella Lepone - Sapienza, Università di Roma
    • Michele Scalici - Università di Bologna
    • Krysia Spirydowicz - Queen’s University at Kingston, Ontario, Canada
    • Marco Di Lieto, Di Lieto &C s.r.l.
    • Mariafrancesca Lanza

    Research Body

    • Queen’s University at Kingston, Ontario, Canada

    Funding Body

    • Senate Advisory Research Committee, Queen’s University at Kingston, Ontario, Canada
    • Social Sciences and Humanities Reseach Council Canada


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