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    Summary (English)

    • The excavation of Vigna Marini Vitalini has resumed in 2015 with the re-opening and enlargement of Area 2. It was verified that the earliest phase of the long wall that crosses the area dates to the Archaic period. Remains of deposits of the Late Iron Age and the Orientalizing period were also uncovered.

      Thanks to the enlargement of the excavation it was possible to find the limits of a large court with a central platform of tufa blocks, a sort of impluvium, flanked by a well connected to a rock-cut cistern. On the bottom of the well and along the adjacent walls were pottery vases, an iron hook and a terracotta weight. A second cistern connected with the impluvium and the well was also uncovered. In the access stairway was a small deposit of coarse pottery and a large cow bone, probably a closure offering. Beside the court with cisterns is a room (E5) with a row of stones vertically set along its interior walls. Their function is uncertain, also considering that they did not emerge from the floor level. Room E5 covers earlier structures of stone blocks and pits dug into the bedrock. NW of E5 is room E6, in the E corner of which was found a jar set upside down, with the rim resting on smoothened bedrock, that was probably used as offering pit.

      The finds are still under study and it is not possible to date the structures with a great degree of accuracy, but it is clear that most of the above structures date to the Middle and Late Republican age, with later usage phases in the early Imperial period.

    • Fabio Colivicchi - Queen’s University at Kingston, Ontario, Canada 


    • Fabio Colivicchi - Queen’s University at Kingston, Ontario, Canada


    • Antonella Lepone - Sapienza, Università di Roma
    • Michele Scalici - Università di Bologna
    • Krysia Spirydowicz - Queen’s University at Kingston, Ontario, Canada
    • Domenico Sapone - Università di Bari
    • Marco Di Lieto - Di Lieto & C s.r.l.

    Research Body

    • Queen’s University at Kingston, Ontario, Canada

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    • Queen’s University at Kingston, Ontario, Canada
    • Senate Advisory Research Committee


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