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Summary (English)

  • This season, the investigations in the ex Vigna Marini-Vitalini continued with the reopening of the hypogeum’s atrium, backfilled after a partial excavation in 2006, and the excavation of the surrounding area. The bottom level of the atrium was reached in the east corner where a plastered tunnel entered. To the south-west of the atrium, there were substantial layers put down to level and raise the floor level with a terminus post quem dating to the late 3rd century B.C.

    Quarrying activities seemed to have taken place in this area. The bedrock emerged at a higher level in the north-eastern area. Here, there were large holes and cuts in the bedrock dating to the earliest phases, including the probable perimeter ditch for a hut, partially covered and obliterated by subsequent building and quarrying activities. A tomb was inserted in the partially filled ditch. It contained a 16-18 year old male individual in a supine position; there were no grave goods.

    Substantial foundations built of stone blocks dating to the archaic period were uncovered, relating to structures that were partially enlarged and altered in a later phase, perhaps coeval with the creation of the hypogeum. The entry dromos was created by cutting the earliest layers. The later occupation phases were attested by badly damaged traces of modest structures built of tufa chippings bonded with mortar and a lime kiln of which there were clear traces abutting the north-west side of the hypogeum.

  • Fabio Colivicchi - Queen’s University at Kingston, Ontario, Canada 


  • Fabio Colivicchi - Queen’s University at Kingston, Ontario, Canada


  • Domenico Sapone - Università di Bari
  • Krysia Spirydowicz - Queen’s University at Kingston, Ontario, Canada
  • Marco Di Lieto - Di Lieto & C s.r.l.
  • Michele Scalici - Università di Bologna

Research Body

  • Queen’s University at Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Funding Body

  • Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Canada


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