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  • Santa Cristina in Caio
  • Santa Cristina in Caio
  • Sancta Christina
  • Italy
  • Tuscany
  • Province of Siena
  • Buonconvento

Summary (English)

  • After the first four excavation campaigns, that have investigated a thermal plant in life between the end of the 1st century BC and the half of the 4th century AD, phases of reuse, at first productive and then for housing, between the beginning of the 5th century and the 8th , during 2013 the investigation has been focused on a hill immediately southbound, called Poggio alle Fonti.

    The first area has returned some walls, badly preserved and with an extremely poor horizontal stratigraphy , which appears to have been removed from agricultural work. Within these walls , dating from the generic Imperial Age until the mid 6th century AD ( thanks to the presence of a perishable earth-wall), it is very keen that activities linked to metallurgy took place , given the strong presence of slag and a bluma. Although the stratigraphic evidence does not allow to advance more precise assumptions , by observing pottery we may situate, chronologically, the evidences in a generic phase between Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages.

    The second study area , immediately southbound, however, is the continuation of the necropolis already excavated by the Superintendence of Tuscany between 1992 and 1994 .
    Twentysix burials have been excavated , all without funeray kit, dating between the end of the 1st and the 4th century AD. The part of the cemetery investigated seems to change function by the half of the 5th century, given the presence of a perishable earth-wall (whose function is currently not clarified ), whose implementation cut some burials.

    Towards the western edge of the area, the drain of furnace for thin-walled ceramic was dug, whose presence has already been suggested during the surface surveys.

  • Stefano Bertoldi - Università di Siena 


  • Marco Valenti - Università degli Studi di Siena, Dipartimento di Archeologia e Storia delle Arti


  • Federico Salzotti - Università di Siena
  • Stefano Bertoldi - Università di Siena

Research Body

  • Università degli Studi di Siena, Dipartimento di Archeologia e Storia delle Arti, Insegnamento di Archeologia Medievale

Funding Body

  • Comune di Buonconvento


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