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  • Circular tower near by the Monastery of St. George
  • Ksamil
  • Albania
  • Qarku i Vlorës



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Summary (English)

  • At the intersection of the road to the Monastery of St. George, on the left side of the road Çuka channel – Butrint, a rescue excavation was undertaken. The excavation is located in the altitude of 38 m above sea level. During the excavations were revealed the remains of a circular object, consisting of two concentric walls. The outer wall is 0, 9 m wide and 0, 5 m height. It is built with lime stones, worked on their outer face and bonded with lime mortar. On its eastern side, the wall is cut by an entrance. About 1 m. inside was revealed another circular wall. Its width is 0, 80 on the base level and shrinks to 0, 50 m on the upper part. Another entrance was revealed on the southern side of the wall. As the wall narrows on the upper part it created edges on its both sides. The upper part of the wall is formed by two rows of stones with fillings in between. On the eastern side of the building between the outer and the inner wall was uncovered an intermediary wall, perhaps a bench or the base of a stair. This wall section is 3, 17 long and 0, 90 m wide. It has a rounded shape and is sustained by the inner wall. The finds revealed during the excavation were smaller few and consisted on pottery and tile fragments. The authors of the excavation believe that the circular wall remains are part of a watch-tower, related to the second phase of construction of the Dema wall. The rescue excavation identified two phase of construction of the circular tower. Based on the construction technique of the wall and on the archaeological material discovered, the first phase dates to the Late Roman period, while the second phase belong to the modern period, after 1945, related probably to bunkers construction during the communist period.



  • Mariglen Meshini - Agjencia e Shërbimit Arkeologjik (Archaeological Service Agency)

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  • Agjencia e Shërbimit Arkeologjik (Archaeological Service Agency)

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