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  • San Pietro
  • Villamar
  • Italy
  • Sardinia
  • South Sardinia
  • Villamar



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Summary (English)

  • During the 2014 campaign, a new excavation area was opened (sector C), c. 5 × 5 m, joining the two areas excavated in the 1980s. The adjacent sectors A and A1 were characterised by the presence of different types of burials (rock-cut tombs and earth graves). The aim was to excavate the area between the two in order to gain a better understanding of the cemetery’s development in this sector. The burials excavated in sector C were situated up against the highest part of the natural rocky plain, which slopes away on one side to the south-west, where the hypogean tombs and rock-cut graves were situated, and on the other side slopes to the north-east, where the rocky plain is covered by an ancient deposit of clay. Other burials, in graves, “a cassone” and enchytrismòs were present in this deposit.

    At the same time, a rock-cut grave was excavated in sector A1, which had been identified in the 1980s. In addition to T 15, the tombs of various types that emerged in sector C were also investigated: T 23 and T 29 in enchytrismòs, T 26 cut into the sandstone bedrock, T 24, 25 and 27, earth graves covered with stone slabs, and T 28, an “a cassone” tomb closed by large stone slabs at the surface. The funerary ritual is inhumation, in several cases with the reuse of graves. The grave goods include ladles/dippers, cups and plates of Sardinian production, but also Attic and Etrusco-Laziale imports, among the latter a jug with an “a cartoccio” type rim of Faliscan provenance. During the excavation season, a study was made of the skeletal remains from T 16, excavated in 2013.

  • Piero Bartoloni 



  • Clizia Murgia – Università degli Studi di Firenze
  • Chiara Pilo - Soprintendenza per i Beni Archeologici delle province di Cagliari e Oristano
  • Gabriele Carenti - Università degli Studi di Sassari
  • Elisa Pompianu - Università degli Studi di Sassari

Research Body

  • Università di Sassari, Dipartimento di Storia, Scienze dell’Uomo e della Formazione

Funding Body

  • Comune di Villamar


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