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  • San Pietro
  • Villamar
  • Italy
  • Sardinia
  • South Sardinia
  • Villamar



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Summary (English)

  • The excavations continued with the same strategy as the previous year: opening of the tombs identified in the 1980s and excavation of the new sector where new tombs emerged. Tomb 7, a cut in the rock apparently relating to the shaft of a hypogean structure, was instead seen to be the cut for an “a cappucina” burial, with the deceased covered by an arrangement of slabs and stones. Alongside this skeleton were the remains of a second burial with grave goods. In sector C, T 30 was excavated, a grave partly dug in the earth and partly rock-cut that housed the remains of a juvenile placed on top of earlier burials. A large quadrangular pit cut in the sandstone, T 31, was of great interest. It housed four cremations in amphorae, one of which was placed in a hole cut in the floor of the pit. During this season, a study was made of the faunal remains from T 16, excavated in 2013.

  • Piero Bartoloni 



  • Clizia Murgia – Universitat de Barcellona
  • Chiara Pilo - Soprintendenza per i Beni Archeologica della Sardegna
  • Gabriele Carenti - Università degli Studi di Sassari
  • Elisa Pompianu - Università degli Studi di Sassari

Research Body

  • Università di Sassari, Dipartimento di Storia, Scienze dell’Uomo e della Formazione

Funding Body

  • Comune di Villamar


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