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  • Monte Pallano
  • Val di Sangro



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    Summary (English)

    • Investigations of a series of archaic terraces begun in 2004 (ACQ 8000) were this year concluded. Work concentrated principally on the central terrace, for which two principal phases were established.

      Phase 1 (dated by C14 to the early sixth century) sees the construction, probably in fairly quick succession, of the terrace, a contraterra and a ‘circular feature’ of uncertain function; four terracotta posts fixed into a floor surface and identified as a cooking stand on the basis of concentrations of ash in the vicinity, probably belong to this phase; this phase also produced abnormally high concentrations of bitter vetch (vicia ervilia) for this region. Analysis of the faunal remains reveals that the cattle raised in this area were, as often elsewhere in Adriatic and Apennine Italy, significantly smaller than their Tyrrhenian counterpoints.

      Phase 2 (mid sixth to early fifth century?) saw the laying and repairing of a thick beaten clay floor over large parts of the terrace, which may have been associated with threshing of wheat and other agricultural activities.
      The site then appears to be abandoned.

      To the west a second trench (ACQ 10000) begun in 2002 was continued. This had revealed parts of a Roman farm building, probably for the storage of agricultural produce (earlier work had produced many amphora and dolium sherds). The discovery of a new wall suggests that one of the walls already known was an internal partition wall, suggesting the building was larger and more complex than believed initially. Other discoveries include a cocciopesto basin of as yet unknown purpose; and a deposit of carbonised fruits associated with an ITS platter, which may be a foundation deposit for the building, probably dating to the early first century A.D.

    • Edward Bispham - Oxford University 
    • Susan Kane - Oberlin College 


    • Edward Bispham - Oxford University
    • Susan Kane - Oberlin College


    • Alexandra Sofroniew - University of Oxford
    • Andrea Canini - Oberlin College, Ohio
    • Anna Pia Apilongo
    • Archer Martin - American Academy in Rome
    • Art Ripley - Oberlin College, Ohio
    • Beatrice Fidelibus - Universtà degli Studi di Firenze
    • China Shelton - Boston Univeristy
    • Chris Motz - Oberlin College, Ohio
    • Chris Noon - University of Oxford
    • Christina Triatafillou - University of Oxford
    • Elan Love - Oberlin College, Ohio
    • Keith Swift - University of Austin Texas
    • Kent Schneider - USDAF Forrest Service
    • Marta Ostovich - Boston University
    • Neville McFerrin - Oberlin College, Ohio
    • Raffaele Palma - Suor Orsola Benincasa, Napoli
    • Sam Carrier - Oberlin College, Ohio
    • Scott Pike - Willamette University
    • Simon Gregory - Stealth College
    • Thomas Leppard - Brown University
    • Andy Thomas - Cambridge County Council, UK
    • Lesley Ann Mather - Bedford County Council, UK

    Research Body

    • Oberlin College, Ohio
    • Oxford University
    • The British School at Rome
    • Willamette University

    Funding Body

    • Oberlin College, Ohio
    • Oxford University - Craven Committee


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