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  • Monte Pallano
  • Val di Sangro
  • Italy
  • Abruzzo
  • Provincia di Chieti
  • Bomba



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Summary (English)

  • The aim of the 1999 season was threefold: to complete work, begun in 1997, in an existing area (MP 6000); to open up a new area further to the east (MP 7000), attempting to establish the limits of the inhabited nucleus; and to continue post-excavation analysis. In MP 6000 we sought to conclude work begun on a wall by John Lloyd in 1997. Excavation at MP 6000 had revealed a wall of large limestone slabs running roughly south-north up the slope. The precise limits of the wall were established, in the course of which an interesting sequence of construction, abandonment, demolition and reterracing for agricultural purposes was revealed. The wall itself seems to be of the late first century bc or early first century ad. At some point, perhaps in the late empire, it was destroyed.

    A new trench, MP 7000/7000A was also opened in an area known to be rich in archaeological materials. A series of ephemeral trample horizons were exposed in MP 7000, producing a lot of late republican and early imperial debris, but importantly a silver coin of the second century B.C. and two nice pieces of (unique?) architectural terracotta with dolphin, possibly from a Hellenistic temple which must have stood nearby. The area seems to have been associated with sheep-rearing and sheep product processing. Trench 7000A, just down the slope, produced walls and a corridor, which seem to be part of a larger Roman public/villa complex being dug by the Soprintendenza Archeologica just a hundred metres or so to the north. Adverse weather meant this trench could not be finished, but importantly third century A.D. pottery may, for the first time, have been found in the upper rubble layers, extending the occupation of the site.

  • Susan Kane - Oberlin College 
  • Edward Bispham - Oxford University 


  • Edward Bispham - Oxford University
  • Susan Kane - Oberlin College


  • Amy Greco - Oberlin, Ohio, USA
  • Chloe Skillbeck - Edinburgh, UK
  • Chris Wingfield - St. John’s, Oxford, UK
  • Cortney Drake - Oberlin, Ohio, USA
  • Darren Howden - Cardiff, UK
  • Emma Clough - Brasenose Oxford, UK
  • Ginger Hargett - Oberlin Ohio, USA
  • Guy Bradley - Cardiff, UK
  • John Hawthorne - Newcastle, UK
  • Keith Swift - St. Peter’s, Oxford, UK
  • Nedra Lee - Oberlin, Ohio, USA
  • Nia Trusller - Cardiff, UK
  • Nicholas Wolff - Oberlin, Ohio, USA
  • Robin Walker - Balliol, Oxford, UK
  • Romana Bevington - Clare Cambridge, UK
  • Sam Carrier - Oberlin College, Ohio
  • Satsuki Harris - University of London, UK
  • Tom Perrett - Magdalen, Oxford, UK
  • Wendolyn Antibus - Oberlin, Ohio, USA
  • Oliver Gilkes - ICAA-International Center for Albanian Archaeology / IWA-Institute of World Archaeology, University of East Anglia

Research Body

  • Oberlin College, Ohio
  • Oxford University

Funding Body

  • Oberlin College, Ohio
  • Oxford University
  • Private funding


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