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  • Monte Pallano
  • Val di Sangro
  • Italy
  • Abruzzo
  • Provincia di Chieti
  • Bomba



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Summary (English)

  • This year saw the completion of work on the terrace with the obtainment of a complete section right across the site, from natural to topsoil. The trench (MP 8700) linking up the existing trenches to provide the section was finished. We now understand the evolution of the terrace much better: the substantial controterra within the terrace now seems to have been originally a first terrace wall (picked up again further to the East) only later, with the expansion of the terraced area to the south being made to serve the double purpose of structural stability and drainage for the new terrace. The taphonomy of the terrace was better understood, with various tipping events of terracottas being revealed. It is now certain that no building stood on the terrace, which is only the lowest in a series running up the hillside. It has also revealed the presence of sacrifical refuse being dumped, with other cultural debris, outside the temenos wall: it is possible, that unusually for a medium sized sanctuary, cattle in the prime of life may have been sacrificed here.

    Two trenches were dug in Acquachiara where a Roman structure engaged in commercial redistribution had been found previously. The trenches were aimed to investigate micro-terraces which were thought to indicate the extension of the building sampled in 2002. One structure was found: a circular cut in the rock, with a shallow concave floor sealed in a good quality cocciopesto, and the vertical sides of the cut lined with carefully cut tiles of an unusual hardness and consistency. This seems to have been a storage device, although for what is unclear; the ceramics almost certainly include im¬perial coarsewares, and the structure can be brought into relation with the imperial agricultural building just down slope. More work is needed here.

  • Susan Kane - Oberlin College 
  • Edward Bispham - Oxford University 


  • Edward Bispham - Oxford University
  • Susan Kane - Oberlin College


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  • Amy Richardson - Cardiff University
  • Annette Hancocks - Birmingham, UK
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  • Lesley Ann Mather - Bedford County Council, UK

Research Body

  • Oberlin College, Ohio
  • Oxford University

Funding Body

  • Oberlin College, Ohio
  • Oxford University
  • Private funding


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