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  • Monte Pallano
  • Val di Sangro
  • Italy
  • Abruzzo
  • Provincia di Chieti
  • Bomba



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Summary (English)

  • The Sangro Valley Project undertook a study season in July 2010 aimed specifically at processing the material and data from two sites at Acquachiara, excavated over several years between 2001 and 2009, with a view to publication. Substantial progress was made in two areas essential for publication. One was in a complete review of the finds, and the creation of a database catalogue. The production of this catalogue not only moves our work with the finds definitively into the publication phase, but also allowed for some important revisions to be made to the draft catalogue text for our Monte Pallano site; close analysis of the finds has also allowed some revisions to be made in the Harris matrix for Acquachiara. The second area of progress was made in finds photography. All existing finds, from Pallano and Acquachiara, were re-shot. We now have a large database of all images which can underpin an ambitious publication programme.

    We were also able to undertake tidying of the Project Archive, revising and updating our reports for Fasti-Online, as well as sorting better our other resources, with a view to possible publication of the archive online. Additional work included a systematic study of tile fabrics from Pallano and Acquachiara, and individual reconnaissance of the Pallano terraces; both will contribute to the final publication. We also had visits from no less than three of our pottery specialists, who were able to report pleasing progress in the final reports for the Pallano ceramics.

  • Edward Bispham - Oxford University 
  • Susan Kane - Oberlin College 


  • Edward Bispham - Oxford University
  • Susan Kane - Oberlin College


  • Alexandra Sofroniew - University of Oxford
  • Beatrice Fidelibus - Sapienza Università di Roma
  • Eli Goldberg - Oberlin College
  • James Countryman - Oberlin College
  • Rafael Hidalgo Prieto - Universidad Pablo de Olavide de Sevilla
  • Nicholas Wolff - Boston University
  • Chris Noon - University of Oxford
  • Sam Carrier - Oberlin College, Ohio
  • David Roswell - Oberlin College
  • Archer Martin - American Academy in Rome
  • Keith Swift - University of Austin Texas
  • Raffaele Palma - American Academy in Rome

Research Body

  • Oberlin College, Ohio
  • Oxford University

Funding Body

  • Private funding
  • University grants


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