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  • Torre di Satriano
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      • The investigation has been completed of the area of the sanctuary excavated by Emanuele Greco (Università Orientale di Napoli) in 1987-88. Trench I revealed two long ditches filled with dark earth and debris (second half of the 4th – first half 3rd cent... Read More
      • Continuation of work on the site involved the widening of trenches I and II that were opened last year. A settlement came to light comprising huts with an apsidal plan, stone footings and walls in clay mixed with straw. The terminus ante quem for its cons... Read More
      • L’esplorazione ha riportato in luce il fulcro dell’impianto sacro, costituito da strutture ubicate in una zona che venne utilizzata e trasformata per realizzare tre terrazze atte ad ospitare i diversi tipi di apprestamenti. La rilettura delle evidenze rip... Read More
      • This project aimed to investigate the settlement. The area examined was composed of the southern slopes of the hill occupied by the defensive walls, already partially examined by Princeton University in 1966-67, under the direction of Ross Holloway. He bro... Read More
      • The excavation uncovered structures belonging to a religious complex in use from the 4th century B.C. until the Julio-Claudian period. The Lucanian sanctuary comprised a built up area, constructed on three descending terraces and an area free of buildings ... Read More
      • Between June and October 2006 investigations were undertaken on the top of the hill (trenches III-VI) and the western side of the plateau (trench II) near the main point of access to the hill top used by the archaic, Lucanian and medieval settlements. Thes... Read More
      • Exploration of the sloping terrace situated on the northern side of the tower hill (Greco property) began in 2008 following the find during a surface survey (undertaken between 2002-2007) of a concentration of material which included fragments of architect... Read More
      • This was the sixth campaign at Torre Satriano on the north side of the hill.

        The excavations in trench X investigated the final phases of the building and confirmed the presence of 4 building phases. The complex – occupied between the mid 6th and the firs

        ... Read More
      • In the territory of the municipalities of Titus and Satriano di Lucania the landscape is marked by the rise of the Satriano Tower which rises between the two modern countries and stands to dominate a vast territory, located in the heart of the Apennines of... Read More
      • The archaeological survey in the municipality of Tito at Torre Satriano, was held at the ancient medieval fortified settlement.

        Thanks to the interventions promoted by the Post graduate school of archaeology in Matera, they are defining already from pre

        ... Read More
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