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  • Siris Herakleia
  • Siris Herakleia
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Summary (English)

  • Further work has been undertaken on the Hellenistic necropoli. Close to the urban area of the Greek city of Herakleia, a group of 51 burials were found within the large southern necropolis.
    The burials, dating to between the end of of the 4th century B.C. and the 3rd century B.C., are within “casse” built of sandstone slabs. One tomb is of monumental form and comprises two “casse” placed side by side. Almost all the slabs are re-used and present lateral, grooved post protectors or the remains of mouldings. The scant remains of a gilded bronze funerary crown found within this structure attest that it was robbed in antiquity.
    Other burials have “casse” with tile coverings or are simple inhumations. In some cases the stone “casse” document the use of family tombs, with infant burials lying above those of male and female adults. The female burials contain small bronze mirrors, occaisionally lead pyxis, black glaze and Gnathian style lekythoi and pelikai. The male burials are distinguished by the presence of iron strigils, sometimes accompanied by bronze funerary crowns or a lead ring with caduceus.
    The infant tomb groups are comparatively rich, containing figurines, occasional busts of a female deity and miniature vases (lekythoi, unguentaria, cups, baby-feeders). In several burials was found the offering of an obolo, in the form of a bronze or silver coin, placed in the hand, mouth or below the head of the deceased. (Maria Luisa Nava)



  • Salvatore Bianco - Soprintendenza per i Beni Archeologici della Basilicata

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