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  • The Italian Database is the result of a collaboration between:

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    • Excavations have re-opened on the Paleolithic cemetery of Atella, situated on the banks of an ancient lake basin. Investigations concentrated on the lower layers E – I, datable to the early Acheulean period (6000,000 – 520,000 years ago). Osteological find... Read More
    • During a research programme of geological survey and investigation of Quaternary ground levels in the Atella basin, a Paleolithic hunting site was discovered near the cemetery at Atella. A covering of 150 m2 has been put over the site. It was situated nea... Read More
    • The exploration of the Atella Basin, begun in 1971, revealed the presence of prehistoric remains dating from the Lower Paleolithic until the Iron Age, with a gap in the Uper Paleolithic period. The paleo-ethnological research was associated with geological... Read More
    • The research undertaken in the Atella Basin was organized as follows:

      Excavation area and structures covering the site:

      - restoration of the roof and protection barriers inside the structure; – general cleaning up of the section and the site; – c

      ... Read More
    • Il comune di Atella si trova in provincia di Potenza (Basilicata), circa 10 km a sud della sommità del Vulture. Il giacimento paleolitico è localizzato a sud dell’attuale cittadina, alle spalle del moderno cimitero comunale, su un terrazzamento posto a cir... Read More
    • The town of Atella is situated in the province of Potenza (Basilicata), about 10 km from the summit of the Vulture. The Palaeolithic deposit is located south of the town, behind the cemetery, on a terrace about 90 m above the present riverbed of the Fiumar... Read More
  • 875500 BC
  • 700000 BC
  • 520000 BC