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  • Scretisca
  • Kostinbrod
  • Scretisca, Kratiskara



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    Summary (English)

    • ARCHAEOLOGICAL SONDAGES NEAR THE TOWN OF KOSTINBROD (Ventsislav Dinchev – Explorations were conducted in the Gradishteto locality, to the northwest of the late Roman residence Scretisca. Various structures of different dates were discovered. A structure with an elliptical layout and dimensions of c. 4.50 by 3.30 m was found. It was built of dry stone masonry. Its stratigraphic position shows a late date: 17th – 19th century. The function of the structure is not clear; presumably, it was the foundation of an iron furnace. Some badly preserved remains of seasonal buildings or stone walls and a small grave constructed of re-used Roman terracotta building materials have the same date. A newborn baby was buried in the grave, with its head oriented to the west. Badly preserved remains of a rectangular building of small dimensions were discovered. Its walls were ramshackle and without any foundations. However, the roofing was covered with tegulae and imbrices. Late Roman pottery and coins of the mid 4th century AD were found in the tiny occupation layer of the building. Most likely, this was the house of some worker who served in the nearby residence. Soon after the house was abandoned, another similar building was built close to it. Only a fireplace constructed of clay-plastered bricks and stones is partly preserved from the second house. A pit was discovered near the remains of the buildings, and it also dates to the Late Antiquity: 4th – 5th century. Presumably, the pit was initially excavated for clay extraction and later it was used for a garbage-pit. The explorations testify that the area close to the north and northwest of Scretisca residence was a place for arranging service and farming complexes during the period of its existence.


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