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Summary (English)

  • The Civil Basilica in Stobi was uncovered in 1937 for the first time. After that, in the period between 1955 and 1957 another excavation campaign was undertaken which revealed couple of construction phases.

    In 2001, 2004 and 2005 there were new excavations in which two buildings, one above the other, were discovered. The later one is called Basilica A and the older one is named Basilica B.

    The Basilica A has three naves and occupies an area of 29.50 m x 21 m. The central nave is wider than the other two on the sides. It is separated from them by stylobate walls which have 4 pairs of column bases and two pairs of pilaster bases at their ends. Later, other rooms with unknown purpose were added to the building. In one of these rooms an onyx vessel was discovered. Fragments of fresco – decoration were found by the walls. There are no Christian elements discovered in Basilica A.

    The Basilica B was mostly destroyed by the construction of the Basilica A. The apse is the best preserved part. According to the finds this building is dated in the 4th century AD.
    In 1955 around and inside the Basilica A were uncovered medieval graves. In 2004 and 2005 the number of graves reached 41. The skeletal remains of the deceased were put in cist constructions of sandstones with their head on the West side i.e. facing towards the East. This cemetery existed from the end of the 11th to the beginning of the 13th century.


  • Milan Ivanovski - National Conservation Centre


  • Milan Ivanovski - National Conservation Centre

Research Body

  • National Conservation Centre

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  • Macedonian Ministry of Culture


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