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  • Pautalia
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  • Pautalia, Velbazhd
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  • Kyustendil



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Summary (English)

  • ARCHAEOLOGICAL EXCAVATIONS IN KYUSTENDIL (Rumen Spasov –, Vesselina Vandova) The excavated site was situated in the northeastern quarter of the fortified territory of ancient Pautalia and covered an area of 400 sq. m. Strata, buildings and constructions from the modern period, the Revival, the Middle Ages (from the end of the 9th – beginning of the 10th century to the end of the 12th – beginning of the 13th century), the Late Antiquity and the Late Chalcolithic period, were registered. Two buildings (eastern and western) were discovered and they belong to the Late Antiquity. The eastern building has three construction periods dating from the second half of the 3rd to the first half of the 5th centuries AD. The data about the explored area from the middle of the 5th to the end of the 6th centuries AD and its occupation density are limited. The stratum of the Late Chalcolithic period (late 5th millennium BC) has an average thickness of 20 cm. Parts of several structures dug into the ground were discovered. The data from the exploration of the Late Chalcolithic stratum supplement the previous information gathered from the excavations of other sites situated in that part of the town and explored in the period 1994 – 2006.


  • Rumen Spasov - Regional Museum of History 'Academician Iordan Ivanov' - Kyustendil
  • Vesselina Vandova - Regional Museum of History 'Academician Iordan Ivanov' - Kyustendil


Research Body

  • Regional Museum of History 'Academician Iordan Ivanov' - Kyustendil

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