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  • Tufa - Ossaia
  • Cortona
  • Italy
  • Tuscany
  • Arezzo
  • Cortona



    • Roman Republican
    • Roman Imperial


    • From 1992 onwards the site of Ossaia, on the border of the territories of Cortona and Perugia, has been the object of excavations (ongoing) by the Universities of Perugia and Alberta (Edmonton, Canada), in collaboration with the Comune of Cortona.

      The e

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    • On the basis of the archaeological documentation produced by excavations undertaken between 2007 and 2009 a new interpretation of the entire residential complex of the large villa of Ossaia, in particular the late Republican phase, has been formulated. ... Read More
    • The archaeological excavations at the roman villa of Ossaia – La Tufa was held from May 24 to June 18, 2010. The investigations were concentrated in two sectors of area 3: the porch – sector 25 and sector 27, both partially investigated during previous exc... Read More
    • Excavation continued in the portico area where more wall painting was uncovered. This year the wall painting can be compared to the garden scene in the house of Livia on the Palatine, with birds in cherry trees. Further excavation continued in the rooms fl... Read More
  • 600 BC
  • 100 BC
  • 400 AD