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  • Macchie Don Cesare(La Cabina)
  • Salve
  • Italy
  • Apulia
  • Provincia di Lecce
  • Salve



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    • Eneolothic
    • Bronze age


    • Primo intervento nel territorio di Salve con attività di ricognizione nel sito Macchie Don Cesare, in seguito a segnalazioni pervenute da ricercatori locali circa la presenza nell’area di frammenti ceramici attribuibili all’eneolitico. La ricerca ha confer... Read More
    • The area is scattered with tumuli and during the 2006 investigations six were opened. Two were revealed to be of no interest (tumuli 3 and 5) as they were of recent construction. In fact, the entire zone was subjected to land reclamation after the Second W... Read More
    • The construction of tumulus 10 differed from those previously excavated at the same site. It was an apsidal structure, with large boulders around its perimeter with two rectangular chambers on the western side, the outermost constituting the entrance and t... Read More
    • The architecture of the trapezoidal tumulus 68 (8.90 × 6.30 m; h. 0, 60 m) is complex. The interior presented two funerary structures: at the centre a triangular stone cyst containing cremated human bones and pottery fragments; on the south side, abutting ... Read More
    • Tumulus 11 (20 × 18 m; h. 1) is a large and complex monument divided into two chambers, one funerary, the other ceremonial.The funerary chamber is formed by a space within a circular enclosure created through the careful placing of boulders and stones that... Read More
  • 4300 BC
  • 3000 BC
  • 1000 BC