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  • Tumulus of Kamenica
  • Kamenicë
  • Albania
  • Qarku i Korçës



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    • Archaic/Protourban illyrian
    • Late Iron Age
    • Early Iron Age
    • Late Bronze Age


    • The tumulus at Kamenica is situated in the south-eastern corner of the Korça plain. It was very badly damaged during 1997, and since then looters have systematically dug; for this reason the Albanian Rescue Archaeology Unit set up a rescue and research pr... Read More
    • This season one of the main objectives was to find the extension of the tumulus as a whole. The distance from the conventional centre to the eastern extremity of the monument approximately measured 55m. Important elements of the architecture of the tumulus... Read More
    • On May 6th began the last excavation season at the tumulus burial of Kamenica, the aim of which was to definitely clarify the architecture and the use of the tumulus. Few days before the official starting of the project it was necessary to drain the NE and... Read More
  • 2100 BC
  • 1299 BC
  • 600 BC