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  • Necropolis of Apollonia, Tumulus 9
  • Radostinë
  • Apollonia
  • Albania
  • Qarku i Fierit



    • Ottoman
    • Medieval/Byzantine
    • Early Medieval
    • Late Imperial
    • Mid Imperial
    • Early Imperial
    • Republican
    • Hellenistic
    • Classic/Urban illyrian
    • Archaic/Protourban illyrian
    • Late Iron Age


    • Tumulus 9 had been heavily damaged because the hill on which it was located had been used as quarry for gravel. The first operation before starting the excavation was to clean the whole surface of the vegetation. The area was also systematically mapped wit... Read More
    • In the 2005 was excavated the area between Tumulus 9 and Appendix 2, known as the Appendix 1. This Appendix was near by the Tumulus 9, thus for it was considered as part of this Tumulus. Five graves have been found in Appendix 1, dated to the Classical and... Read More
  • 1300 BC
  • 600 BC
  • 1800 AD