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    • Medieval/Byzantine


    • The monastery of Saint Nicola is situated in the village of Mesopotam, in the Saranda district. In this Christian Byzantine complex are included various structures such as: the church, a number of rooms and the surrounding walls. The church is preserved in... Read More
    • The excavation of 2005 undertaken at the internal part (Sector B) of the bell tower of the medieval Monastery of Mesopotam, aimed at aiding the conservation works that would follow the dig. Different reconstructions of the tower, along with the accumulated... Read More
    • In 2006, another season of excavation was carried on in the southern sector (Sector A), at the medieval monastery of Mesopotam. Trenches S. 1, S. 2, and S. 3, along with one of the embedded columns (Well 6) of the monastery, initially opened in 2004, were ... Read More
  • 1100 AD
  • 1272 AD
  • 1343 AD