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  • Badzhaliyata Cult Site
  • Strelkovo
  • Bulgaria
  • Oblast Silistra
  • Obshtina Kaynardzha
  • Sredishhe


    • Late Bronze Age
    • Early Iron Age
    • Late Iron Age
    • Roman Period
    • Late Antiquity


    • THRACIAN ROCK SANCTUARY NEAR THE VILLAGE OF STRELKOVO (Diana Gergova –, Georgi Atanasov) The sanctuary belongs to a group of several rock sanctuaries and massifs with traces of human activities (a stone throne, a rock platform with... Read More
    • ARCHAEOLOGICAL EXPLORATIONS NEAR THE VILLAGE OF STRELKOVO (Georgi Atanasov – Part of a wall was documented over the remains of the Thraco-Roman sanctuary. During the explorations, a single-nave church, 20.15 m long and 4.30 m wide, was disc... Read More
  • 1800 BC
  • 1000 BC
  • 450 AD