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  • Doclea
  • Rogami
  • Doclea
  • Montenegro
  • Podgorica


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    • From 15-30 October 2007, the first season of a program of geophysical survey commenced at the site of Doclea as a joint research project between The British School at Rome (BSR), the Archaeological Prospection Services of Southampton (APSS) and the Univers... Read More
    • In the period from October to November, excavation was carried out on the site of Roman town Doclea in Podgorica.The site was situated on the eastern side of the forum where presumably two main streets were crossed each other. This site was marked with No... Read More
    • During the period from March 1st to March 10th 2012, a topographical survey was carried out with the aim of recording the wall remains and visible architectural objects of ancient Doclea. The field work also consisted of recording the preserved sections of... Read More
  • 600 BC
  • 100 BC
  • 602 AD