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  • Heraclea Sintica
  • Rupite
  • Heraclea Sintica
  • Bulgaria
  • Blagoevgrad
  • Obshtina Petrich
  • Rupite



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    • Late Iron Age
    • Roman Period
    • Late Antiquity
    • Early Medieval


    • HERACLEA SINTICA (Lyudmil Vagalinski –, Ivo Cholakov) A fortification wall, 2.10 m wide and built of uneven stones bonded with mortar, with levelling courses of fragmentary building ceramics and stone slabs, was explored on site No... Read More
    • HERACLEA SINTICA (Lyudmil Vagalinski –, Ivo Cholakov) Site 3 was located between Site 1 (Roman fortification wall) and Site 2 (Roman craft quarter). An area of 0.1 ha was explored. Early Hellenistic material was found over the leve... Read More
    • HERACLEA SINTICA (Lyudmil Vagalinski – Four occupation periods were documented in the craft and living quarter discovered on Site 2. The end of the second occupation period was caused by a fire, accompanied with an attack with sph... Read More
    • HERACLEA SINTICA (Lyudmil Vagalinski – An area of 0.02 ha was explored and the average thickness of the strata was 2.50 m. In the southern part of Site 2, the monumental staircase in the craft and living quarter of the 1st – 4th c... Read More
  • 900 BC
  • 350 BC
  • 600 AD


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