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  • San Valentino
  • Roccaltia, Soriano nel Cimino
  • Italy
  • Latium
  • Provincia di Viterbo
  • Soriano nel Cimino



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    • Medieval
    • Modern
    • Contemporary


    • The University of Tuscia, in collaboration with the Archaeological Superintendency for Lazio and South Etruria, began a series of archaeological investigations following surface and geophysical surveys on the site of San Valentino (Soriano nel Cimino, VT),... Read More
    • In 2016, the excavation inside the cult building was extended in order to clarify the function of a wall identified at the edge of the excavation. The enlargement of the trench area revealed the repair of a floor surface that probably occurred after the ch... Read More
    • The promising results from the 2016 campaign strongly influenced the strategic choices for this season’s campaign, which concentrated exclusively on the area outside the cult building. Firstly, the excavation of the structures abutting the eastern perimete... Read More


    • Giancarlo Pastura - Università della Tuscia. 2017. Note preliminari dallo scavo di San Valentino – Soriano nel Cimino (VT). FOLD&R Italy: 387.
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  • 900 AD
  • 1100 AD
  • 1800 AD