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The 5 most recently published FOLD&Rs

  • 322 - Alex Walthall, Randall Souza, Jared Benton, James F. Huemoeller. 2014. Preliminary Report on the 2013 Field Season of the American Excavations at Morgantina: Contrada Agnese Project (CAP). PDFpermalinkRecord Sheet
  • 321 - Eric E. Poehler, Steven J.R. Ellis. 2014. The 2013 Season of the Pompeii Quadriporticus Project: Final Fieldwork and Preliminary Results . PDFpermalinkRecord Sheet
  • 320 - Alessandro Sebastiani. 2014. Spolverino (Alberese – GR). The 4th Archaeological Season at the Manufacturing District and revision of the previous archaeological data. PDFpermalinkRecord Sheet
  • 319 - Giulia Lodi. 2014. Ariano Ferrarese (Mesola, Ferrara): lo scavo, le anfore inscritte e gli opercola. Una prima analisi. PDFpermalinkRecord Sheet
  • 318 - Denis Sami, Anna Booth (British Museum, Portable Antiquity Scheme, University of Leicester), Luana Toniolo, Elena Baldi, Tania Chinni. 2014. Ad Novas-Cesenatico From Roman Road to Late Antique Wooden Structures. An Interim Report on the Evaluation Test Pits and Excavation at Cà Bufalini, 2006. PDFpermalinkRecord Sheet