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The 5 most recently published FOLD&Rs

  • 329 - Fabrizio Slavazzi, Elena Belgiovine – Archeologa specializzata, Daniele Capuzzo . 2015. Sperlonga (LT): indagini nella “Villa della Grotta”. Campagna di scavo 2014 . PDFpermalinkRecord Sheet
  • 328 - Steven J.R. Ellis, Allison L.C. Emmerson, Kevin Dicus, Gina Tibbott, Gina Tibbott. 2015. The 2012 Field Season at I.1.1-10, Pompeii: Preliminary report on the excavations. PDFpermalinkRecord Sheet
  • 327 - John D. Muccigrosso, Rangar Cline, Sarah Harvey, Elena Lorenzetti, Stefano Spiganti. 2015. The 2011 Excavation Season at the Site of the Vicus Martis Tudertium (PG). PDFpermalinkRecord Sheet
  • 326 - Luigi Pedroni – Consorzio Mediterraneo Sociale scarl. 2015. Il tempio romano di Cales. Campagna 2013. PDFpermalinkRecord Sheet
  • 325 - Hilary Cool - Barbican Research Associates, Nottingham UK, David Griffiths - University of Leicester, UK . 2015. The miniature vessels of Insula VI.1 Pompeii. New evidence for neighbourhood cults. PDFpermalinkRecord Sheet