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  • Gabi
  • Tenuta di Castiglione e Pantano Borghese
  • Gabii
  • Italy
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    • During the course of two campaigns, an integrated geophysical survey was completed in the urban area of the ancient city of Gabii. Beginning in 2007, the utility of magnetometry survey at the site was tested over a 6-hectare area within the hypothesized li... Read More
    • The summer of 2009 marked the beginning of large-scale excavations at Gabii carried out by the Gabii Project. With the plan produced by the geophysical survey in hand, two excavations areas were chosen; one of them on the slope of the Castiglione crater to... Read More
    • In 2010 work at Gabii continued on two areas of investigation – a main, open-area excavation sector located north of the modern via Prenestina and under the authority of the Soprintendenza Speciale per i Beni Archeologici di Roma and a second area to the s... Read More
    • In the summer of 2011 the Gabii Project completed its third consecutive season of excavation and fifth overall fieldwork campaign in the ancient Latin city of Gabii. Over the course of three campaigns, a nearly 1-hectare area has been explored by means of ... Read More
    • The fourth excavation campaign of the Gabii Project, inside the Archaeological Park of the ancient Latin town of Gabii, took place between June and August 2012. The excavation continued of the archaic levels, already partially investigated in 2011, and w... Read More
    • The Gabii Project’s 2013 campaign was the fifth undertaken in the Archaeological Park of Gabii. Work concentrated on two sectors of the area under investigation, denominated Area D and Area F, corresponding with distinct stratigraphic contexts delimited by... Read More
    • The 2014 season of the Gabii Project was the sixth consecutive campaign within Gabii Archaeological Park. Excavations took place in area D and area F, corresponding to distinct startigraphic cont exts clearly delimited by walls and particular topographical... Read More
    • This was the seventh campaign of the Gabii Project inside the archaeological park. The fieldwork took place in three sectors of the area under investigation, Area D, Area C, and Area F, corresponding with different stratigraphic contexts clearly delimited ... Read More
    • The 2016 excavation season of the Gabii Project (Mogetta Becker 2014) in the Archaeological Park of Gabii took place as usual between June and July. It was the eighth season in a row. The field operations had been concentrated around three sectors of the a... Read More
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