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  • Aquinum
  • S. Pietro Vetere
  • Aquinum
  • Italy
  • Latium
  • Provincia di Frosinone
  • Castrocielo



    • Roman Republican
    • Roman Imperial
    • Medieval


    • The ancient town of Aquinum was situated in the middle Liri valley, at the foot of the Mount Cairo range (1.669 m). It stood on a vast plain, with three ancient lakes to the east, now drained and reclaimed (Vallone di Aquino), where the left affluent of ... Read More
    • During the months of June and July 2010 the second season of excavations in the urban area of ancient Aquinum was held , in the site known as San Pietro Vetere. The activities this year involved students, archaeologists and specialists from the Universi... Read More
    • La terza campagna di scavi (Giugno e Luglio 2011) nell’area urbana di Aquinum (San Pietro Vetere, Castrocielo-FR-) ha visto la partecipazione di studenti, archeologi specializzati e specializzandi dall’Università del Salento e da altre Università italian... Read More
    • Work took place in the south and west of the central rooms of the baths, which identified new heated rooms. The largest was a caldarium bordered by two pools, one semicircular with terracotta tubuli still in situ.

      The excavations in the east secto

      ... Read More
    • Excavation took place in the vast sectors north and south of the central rooms. At the same time specific interventions were undertaken in the eastern sector with the aim of exposing the two pools in the frigidarium. Lastly, research on the road contin... Read More
    • This was the sixth excavation campaign in the urban area of Aquinum ((San Pietro Vetere, Castrocielo-FR). Excavations continued in the previously identified rooms and some areas were extended in order to tidy up the excavation edge and gain an overall unde... Read More
    • This was the seventh year of the University of the Salento’s excavations in the urban area of Aquinum, in the locality of S. Pietro Vetere, territory of Castrocielo (FR). The research concentrated on two rooms of the large bath building identified in the... Read More
    • This was the 8th excavation campaign carried out by the University of Salento in the urban area of Aquinum, in the locality of S. Pietro Vetere, in the territory of Castrocielo (FR). During this campaign, it was decided to extend the excavation area... Read More
    • Nei mesi di Luglio e Settembre si è svolta la nona campagna di scavo, della durata complessiva di sette settimane, nell’area urbana di Aquinum, in località S. Pietro Vetere, nel territorio del comune di Castrocielo (FR).

      In questa campagna si è scelto d

      ... Read More


    • Alessandra Albiero, Valentino Vitale, Valentina Petrucci, Agnese Ugolini, Chiara Fernandez. 2014. Le terme centrali di Aquinum (Castrocielo, FR). Campagne di scavo 2009-2013. FOLD&R Italy: 316.
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  • 800 BC
  • 200 BC
  • 400 AD
  • 1200 AD
  • 1300 AD