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  • Fabrateria Nova
  • La Civita
  • Fabrateria Nova
  • Italy
  • Latium
  • Provincia di Frosinone
  • San Giovanni Incarico


    • Roman Republican
    • Roman Imperial
    • Late Antique


    • In July 2007 and 2008 excavations were undertaken in the locality of La Civita, within the urban area of Fabrateria Nova. This was a collaboration between the Archaeological Superintendency of Lazio, the Deutsches Archäologisches Institut – Abteilung Rom... Read More
    • This season’s archaeological research continued that begun in 2006 by the University of the Salento’s Laboratory of Ancient Topography and Photogrammetry-LAB TAF, as part of the convention stipulated between the Regional Offices for the Cultural and Landsc... Read More
    • The excavations uncovered the block-built Building A, identified in 2015, and clarified the relationship between the structure and the urban via glareata running north-south (documented using photo-interpretation), and explored the area east of this ro... Read More
    • The excavations undertaken in the central sector of the town, in correspondence with a crossroads identified on an aerial photograph, exposed the southern part of so-called Building B, already partially identified in 2016. The building is situated in the n... Read More


    • Heinz-Jürgen Beste, Alessandro Betori, Giuseppe Ceraudo, Gianluca De Rosa, Veronica Ferrari, Thomas Fröhlich, Claudio Martino, Angelo Nicosia, Eugenio Polito, Adriana Valchera, Caterina Paola Venditti. 2010. San Giovanni Incarico (Frosinone): ricerche topografiche e archeologiche sul sito di Fabrateria Nova . FOLD&R Italy: 211.
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  • 700 BC
  • 124 BC
  • 500 AD