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  • Peltuinum
  • Prata d’Ansidonia e S. Pio delle Camere
  • Peltuinum
  • Italy
  • Abruzzo
  • Province of L'Aquila
  • San Pio delle Camere


    • Orientalizing
    • Archaic
    • Classical
    • Roman Republican
    • Roman Imperial
    • Late Antique
    • Medieval


    • I resti della città romana di Peltuinum si trovano in un altopiano circondato dalle montagne più alte dell’Appennino, il Gran Sasso, la Maiella, il Sirente. L’altopiano, posto nell’antico territorio dei Vestini, risultava un punto di sosta strategico nel... Read More
    • In 2012, investigations continued in the town of Peltuinum, in the areas of the theatre and tower no. 7.


      In the orchestra, the excavation of the lime kiln identified during earlier campaigns revealed a substantial p

      ... Read More
    • This season continued the work of the previous season in the urban area: excavation in the theatre area and survey along the natural limits of the plateau to find the perimeter of the defences.

      The theatre: In the orchestra, the excavation of one of the s

      ... Read More
    • During the 2014 excavations, a series of surveys were undertaken covering the strip of land north of the tratturo in the area west of the city. A short distance away, on a plateau overlooking the tratturo, ploughing has brought to light limestone fragm... Read More
    • This season, research continued to concentrate on the theatre building with the post-antique structures that reused the area and its walls, but was also extended to the upper terrace. Here, sondages were opened in the forum area and along the via Claudia... Read More

      Here, trenches were opened along the east side of the temple and in the north-western area of the forum.

      The excavation along the podium was positioned in correspondence with an irregularity in the coursing of the opus caementicium, stil

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    • Luisa Migliorati. 2011. Peltuinum. FOLD&R Italy: 229.
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  • 1400 BC
  • 700 BC
  • 500 AD
  • 600 AD
  • 1500 AD


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