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  • Villa di Tiberio
  • Sperlonga



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      • A team from Milan University (director Prof. Fabrizio Slavazzi) carried out these excavations in collaboration with the Archaeological Superintendency of Lazio. Work concentrated on the imperial villa; in particular, the hill area denominated Area V. Here,... Read More
      • In September 2015, the University of Milan’s department of Cultural and Environmental Heritage, in collaboration with the Lazio Museum Centre and the Archaeological Superintendency for Lazio and South Etruria continued its excavations at Sperlonga (LT). Th... Read More
      • As in previous years, the excavations carried out by Milan University’s department of cultural and environmental heritage studies investigated the eastern part of the villa. The work concentrated on the sector in front of the kilns found in 2014, in order ... Read More


      • Fabrizio Slavazzi, Elena Belgiovine – Archeologa specializzata, Daniele Capuzzo . 2015. Sperlonga (LT): indagini nella “Villa della Grotta”. Campagna di scavo 2014 . FOLD&R Italy: 329.
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    • 600 BC
    • 99 BC
    • 599 AD