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  • Tempio di Minerva Medica
  • Roma
  • Italy
  • Latium
  • Rome
  • Rome



    • Roman Republican
    • Roman Imperial
    • Roman Imperial


    • The rescue of the imposing decagonal aula, known as the Temple of Minerva Medica, situated in via Giolitti will be a complex undertaking. The extensive bibliography makes this structure appear to be one of the most studied from antiquity. This contrasts wi... Read More
    • The investigations undertaken in the area of the so-called Temple of Minerva Medica aimed to ascertain the structural stability of the foundations of several pilasters and niches supporting the cupola which is still in situ. The trenches dug revealed evide... Read More


    • Mariarosaria Barbera, Sabina Di Pasquale, Paola Palazzo. 2007. Roma, studi e indagini sul cd. Tempio di Minerva Medica. FOLD&R Italy: 91.
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  • 500 BC
  • 1 AD
  • 200 AD
  • 300 AD
  • 400 AD