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  • Galeata, Area del “Palazzo” di Teoderico
  • Poderina
  • Italy
  • Emilia-Romagna
  • Province of Forlì-Cesena
  • Galeata


    • Orientalizing
    • Archaic
    • Classical
    • Roman Republican
    • Roman Imperial
    • Late Antique
    • Medieval


    • In the years 1998-1999 the Archaeology Department of Bologna University undertook excavations which led to the discovery of Roman structures datable to between the 1st century B.C. and the 2nd century A.D. Moreover, a vast complex was uncovered that had al... Read More
    • The investigations were concentrated in an area that was only partially explored in 1942 by the Istituto Archeologico Germanico of Rome. The aim was to acquire new data regarding this multi-layered site, characterised by circa fifteen centuries of occupati... Read More
    • The results of the 2010 excavations clearly demonstrated that the extent of the large villa being excavated at Galeata is not limited to the residential nucleus, partially brought to light in 1942 and partially excavated by Bologna University from 1998 onw... Read More
    • In 2011, the University of Bologna’s excavations concentrated on two macro-sectors, already partially exposed during the previous campaign: the Roman warehouse in the north-western part of the excavation (Trench 35) and the structures dating to the Theodos... Read More
    • The continuation of excavations in trenches 35 and 36, opened the previous year on the property uphill from the strada del Pantano, exposed structures of importance for the understanding of the site.

      In trench 35, excavation of the warehouse destroyed

      ... Read More
    • Prior to starting open-area excavation of the remains of the reception pavilion of the Theodorican villa, the 2013 excavations, in the locality of Poderina, near Galatea, had two main objectives. The first was to obtain stratigraphic data from the strip of... Read More
    • In 2014, the excavations continued the research of the preceding years with the aim of clarifying the extension to the north of the Roman villa’s pars rustica, in particular the large production sector. The latter included two kilns of the type with a ... Read More
    • This season’s excavations on the site of Galeata (loc. Poderina) produced new evidence regarding the phases pre-dating the construction in the early Principate of the villa, whose production sector was partially excavated during previous years. Indeed, the... Read More


    • Riccardo Villicich. 2012. Scavi nell’area della villa di Teoderico a Galeata (FC): i nuovi dati. FOLD&R Italy: 261.
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  • 1300 BC
  • 600 BC
  • 900 AD