• Campogrande
  • Ceprano
  • Italy
  • Latium
  • Provincia di Frosinone
  • Castro dei Volsci


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  • 550000 BC - 10000 BC


    • During the course of the 2005 excavations in the locality of Campogrande core samples were taken on the sites denominated CG1 and CG9 Superiore, with the aim of defining the stratigraphy of the Ceprano basin. Two core samples were taken, each 10 cm in diameter and circa 40 m long, containing sediments essentially composed of lacustrine clay alternating with gravels. It is probable that neither core sample reached as far as the lake’s Miocene floor. Subsequently, a trench denominated trench “C.E.”, circa 60 cm long and with a maximum depth of circa 3m was dug on a north/east-south/west alignment. This aimed to assess any correlations over a wider horizon although limited to upper levels. Samples were collected from along the section for geological and paleo-botanical study. (MiBAC)


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