• Colle Serpente
  • Ascoli Satriano
  • Italy
  • Apulia
  • Provincia di Foggia
  • Ascoli Satriano


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  • 500 BC - 200 BC


    • Investigations in the hill area “del Serpente” undertaken on the terrain below the paved area only produced results in the north-western part. Here a well was discovered, it contained no finds. To the south where the paved area was destroyed, a smooth-sided ditch with two levels was discovered filled with large stones, tiles and pottery fragments. This ditch had caused the destruction of the paved surface. It ran from north-west to south-east and attests a settlement area, together with several partly aligned supports for posts, discovered to the south, east and north of the paved area. In the northern zone of this area there was a cobble surface with a ditch running north, and a rectangular structure with stone walls, tiles and pottery fragments. Below this irregular paving was a shallow tank sealed by grayish-blue clay.


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