• Castrul şi aşezarea civilă de la Bumbeşti-Jiu - „Gară“
  • Bumbeşti-Jiu
  • Romania
  • Gorj
  • Oraş Bumbeşti-Jiu


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    • The research at Bumbeşti-Jiu 'Gară' was conducted inside the stonewall castrum and also in the military vicus, near the fortification. On the east side of the castrum we identified a river stoned road which made the connection between via principalis and via sagularis. We found the construction material, sherds from coarsewares made by hand or by wheel and some metal artifacts. The archeological research also revealed the upper part of an amphora (it belongs to the 6th type according to Popilian’s typology). The building material includes two fragmentary bricks sealed with CIVC (the reverse letters type). The numismatic pieces consist of three bronze coins (two sestertius and one as) and one silver denarius coined by Antoninius Pius. All the finds from Bumbeşti-Jiu 'Gară' date to the 2nd-3rd centuries.


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