• Piazzale della Liberazione
  • Palestrina
  • Praeneste
  • Italy
  • Latium
  • Rome
  • Palestrina


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  • 400 BC - 200 BC


    • Beginning in the spring of 2002, the Archaeological Superintendency of Lazio conducted a series of excavations in the urban area of Palestrina, at Piazzale della Liberazione, where the remains of a building, probably a temple, were found. The structure built in opus quadratum with blocks of tufo (peperino) superimposed in headers and stretchers. The construction technique and the decorative moulding element that runs along the base of the temple permit a dating of the structure at the end of the 4th-beginning of the 3rd century BC.


    • A. Tedeschi, 2002, Gli scavi urbani di P.le della Liberazione e di Corso Pierluigi da Palestrina, in Il Lazio Regione di Roma (cat. mostra), Roma: 80