• San Vittorino
  • L’Aquila
  • Amiternum
  • Italy
  • Abruzzo
  • Province of L'Aquila
  • Lucoli


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  • 330 BC - 500 AD


    • This year, two campaigns took place as part of the Institute of Archaeology at Cologne University’s project at _Amiternum_, begun in 2006. Geophysical surveys were carried out in the spring and excavations and further surveying took place in the summer. This year’s work concentrated on the _suburbium_ of the settlement downhill and its centre, probably earlier, situated on the hill of S. Vittorino. Wide-ranging geophysical surveys were undertaken and seven trenches were excavated. The survey used RM 15 resistivity meters to analyse a first area of the suburb, north of the theatre, on the eastern side of the Via Caecilia where, based on earlier surveys, a suburban villa (1.1 ha.) was thought to be present. A second area on the summmit of the hill of S. Vittorino, indicatively above the present cemetery (1 ha.) was also surveyed. Extensive geo-magnetic surveys were undertaken in order to acquire the maximum data. In fact, a continuous survey was made of the area above the cemetery of S. Vittorino. A large-scale geo-magnetic survey was carried out over the theatre, to the right hand side sloping away from the via Caecilia (4.7 ha.). Seven trenches were opened, of which two (14 and 15) were in the northern part of the suburb, on top of the theatre. Five trenches were dug (16-20) in the second sector on the plateau south of the town of S. Vittorino, which was probably the earliest centre of the Roman settlement. Cleaning was carried out to the north of the church of S. Vittorino (trench 21), in the area of probable temple foundations. At the end of the season, all trenches were back-filled.


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