• Sabev Bair Cemetery
  • Drazhevo
  • Bulgaria
  • Yambol
  • Tundzha
  • Drazhevo


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  • 400 BC - 300 BC


    • ARCHAEOLOGICAL EXPLORATIONS NEAR THE VILLAGE OF DRAZHEVO (Iliya Iliev – museum@mail.bg, Stefan Bakardzhiev) Ten sondages were carried out in sector A, 36 sondages – in sector B and nine sondages – in sector C. An oval pile of stones, c. 3 m by 4 m in size and 60 cm in height, was explored in sector A10. A rectangular burial pit, 3.40 m by 1.45 m in size and 85 cm in depth, was discovered under the pile of stones. The pit is oriented east – west and is filled with uneven stones. A collective inhumation burial of a man, a woman and a child, probably a family, was discovered in the pit. The deceased are oriented east – west, with heads pointed to the west. A small iron knife was discovered on the pelvis of the male skeleton. Sherds of the 4th century BC were found among the stones of the pile and inside the grave. Small pieces of burned animal bones and a few sherds were found to the east of the feet of the deceased.


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