• Osmanskata Mogila Tumulus
  • Sofia
  • Serdica
  • Bulgaria
  • Sofia-grad


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  • 200 AD - 400 AD
  • 900 AD - 1200 AD


    • ARCHAEOLOGICAL EXPLORATIONS NEAR SERDICA (Momchil Kuzmanov – momchilkuz@yahoo.co.uk, Diana Gergova, Nikolai Dermendzhiev) Tumulus No. 1 situated in the area of Serdica was 1 m in height and 35 – 40 m in diameter. Sherds were found in the tumular embankment. Six pyres were discovered, containing charcoal, cremated bones, pottery and jewelry of the 3rd – 4th centuries AD. Four pyres were situated in the southeastern sector of the tumulus, one pyre (No. 1) – in the northwestern sector and another one (No. 5) without cremated bones – in the northeastern sector. Hearths and piles of sherds and charcoal were discovered in the tumular embankment. A ditch surrounding the tumulus was documented and earth for the construction of the tumular embankment was taken from there. Twelve secondary Mediaeval Christian graves were discovered in the southeastern sector, some of them containing grave goods: a finger-ring, a bracelet and an earring of the 10th – 12th century.


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