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    • 450 BC - 250 BC


      • APOLLONIA (Teodora Bogdanova – vorbog@gmail.com, Dimitar Nedev) A pile of sherds of 450 – 400 BC was explored in the Mesarite Locality, containing amphorae from Chios and Lesbos and local pottery: dishes, ichthyai, pots, and animal bones. Four graves built of ashlars were explored. Sarcophagus-like Grave No. 1 was built of ashlars and was covered with slabs, all of them connected with lead clamps. The grave goods included a bronze strigil and a terracotta weight. Carbonized seeds from elder and grapes were discovered close to the skull of the deceased. Grave No. 2 contained a lekythos with polychrome and gilded decoration of 375 – 340 BC. The inner sides of the other two graves were plastered and painted with orange ochre. The floor of grave No. 4 was paved with terracotta tiles, one of them with a stamp that reads: ΣΤΡΑ. The grave goods included a gilded funerary wreath and a bronze coin of 275 – 250 BC. A ritual hearth was explored nearby, containing over 20 black-gloss and local ceramic vessels: dishes, an askos, a krater and ichthyai of 275 – 250 BC, and olive pits. The wood burned in the hearth was oak.


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